Pre-Paid Vouchers

CHKVIEW is compatible with a wide variety of traditional payment options plus both electronic and physical vouchers. CHKVIEW Prepaid Vouchers provide a simple and flexible mechanism allowing subscribers to transact with the Operator without the need for bank accounts.

Their low overhead cost per transaction improves the viability of selling smaller content packages on a more frequent basis; unlocking a new mass market of lower income subscribers with shorter range spending horizons. Thus CHKVIEW Prepaid Vouchers enable the Operator to reach larger numbers of subscribers more rapidly. They also provide Operators with the ability to sell additional premium content to existing contract subscribers.

CHKVIEW securely generates millions of unique PIN numbers to correspond to any chosen content package and/or monetary value. Consumers who purchase these PINs can use them to activate packages via their mobile phone, internet or IVR.

Electronic Vouchers

Encrypted files of unique electronic CHKVIEW PINs are generated for sale to larger retailers for subsequent printing onto till-slips at point of sale, via ATMs and online retail platforms. CHKVIEW PIN files are compatible with all retail systems commonly in use to sell PINs for prepaid mobile phone airtime. In this way, TV Operators can quickly roll out new offerings through existing mass-market retail chains.

Physical Scratch Voucher Options

Scratch vouchers (also known as scratch cards) provide the additional opportunity to sell CHKVIEW PINs for TV content through a wider range of retail outlets which do not possess the necessary infrastructure for electronic vouchers, including informal channels. CHKVIEW offers a broad variety of scratch voucher formats to suit different product offerings, at all stages of their life cycle, across diverse retail environments. We can provide expert advice to ensure Operators select the right product(s) in each situation.

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