Reporting and Controls

Dashboards and Lookup Screens.

CHKVIEW allows Operators to monitor activation rates in real-time on a digital dashboard to generate market intelligence on viewer behaviours and patterns, drive up advertising revenues and assist with content fee management. CHKVIEW also provides user-friendly, real-time lookup screens, showing each transaction, to facilitate easy customer support management.


Emailed reports can be scheduled at certain time intervals in order to keep Operators abreast of current conditions.

Voucher Management.

CHKVIEW can also include the deployment of CHKVOUCHER, a feature-rich, real-time, online voucher management service. CHKVOUCHER has been developed to manage physical and electronic voucher supply chains in order to provide a stable and secure supply of vouchers to support a wide variety of business models.

Status security measures are used to protect and track the vouchers throughout their lifecycles and full audit trails are provided. Voucher statuses can be updated in real-time in order to facilitate the easy identification of lost, stolen, cancelled, expired etc. vouchers and thus trace any attempted fraudulent behaviour.

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