CHKVIEW Ltd is a company in the Brand-ID group, a leading provider of high capacity, secure Voucher Management Systems (VMS) to generate, store and deliver valuable information, instantly accessible worldwide via multiple communications channels.

The security and reliability of Brand-IDís world-leading systems and pre-paid vouchers have been proven by leading global mobile telecommunications Operators, and are trusted by leading corporates to prevent counterfeiting of their valuable brands. These systems have also been selected exclusively by a large-scale government-sector program.

This experience has been leveraged to create CHKVIEW Ltd, a specialised end-to-end pre-paid payment solution company enabling a wide range of new Pay TV business models including pay-per-view, pay-per-time, pay-per-channel, pay-per bouquet and pay-per subscription. These models are designed to penetrate previously unreachable markets and to increase the value of existing subscribers. CHKVIEW also unlocks these new opportunities by radically reducing the cost per subscriber transaction. In addition, the service includes innovative marketing features to further enhance the consumer experience, plus powerful real-time capabilities for monitoring, measurement and reporting.

The CHKVIEW team has extensive industry knowledge covering the entire Pay Media life cycle and offers proven best practices to deliver maximum ROI on any platform. The CHKVIEW team have also accumulated many years of management experience in the fields of variable data security printing and World Class workplace optimisation.